Trusted international ocean shipping logistics company, RTM Lines, has built a reputation by delivering consistent results and solutions for customers since 1980. Acts of God and forces of nature are unavoidable and inevitable hurdles which trans ocean shipping and logistics firms are faced with. The experts at RTM Lines have been operating in the ocean transportation industry for 39 years, giving them the knowledge, experience, and know-how to deliver results through catastrophic and difficult scenarios.

One such instance played out this past week as a valuable Oil and Gas Industry client’s shipment was expected to ship out of the Port of Houston, Texas to Singapore. Tropical Storm Imelda flooded the Houston area causing fatalities, road closures, and significant flooding. Weather events such as Tropical Storms pose numerous obstacles for shipments to be delivered and loaded at ports. On September 19, 2019 the roads flooded in the Houston area preventing trucks from delivering shipments. Conditions deteriorated to the point that loading by stevedores at the port became too dangerous to continue.

The team at RTM Lines anticipated and tracked the weather events in the Gulf of Mexico area for the week of the client’s expected delivery to the port of Houston (as they do for every client and delivery). When the port of Houston was forced to close and all vessel traffic halted as the storm intensified and flooded the area, our team swiftly re-evaluated the options. They determined which port could load and transport the cargo to reach its destination on time for its crucial deadline. RTM Lines expertly re-routed and arranged delivery of the shipment by trucks to the port of Jacksonville, Florida.

In order to execute this “last minute” change, the team at RTM Lines sprang into action to procure a late gate at Port of Jacksonville. The late gate request was cleared with the port and seamlessly communicated to the customer. The relationships and expertise which RTM Lines has established with ports factored into making this complex logistics solution possible.

Acts of God and forces of nature may be unavoidable; but trusting and placing your valuable trans ocean shipping needs in the hands of the competent experts at RTM Lines is a choice that one can rest assured will result in success.