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RTM is well trained in shipping cargo to and from virtually every cargo port in the world. We provide regular sailings to, from, and between all major ports including North American, Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa, South America, the Middle and Far East, as well as Australia and New Zealand.  Our shipping services include the exportation and importation of goods from around the world including foreign to foreign shipments. With over 40 years of of ocean shipping service experience, we have shipped virtually every type of cargo to every cargo port around the globe.


International logistics encompasses the process of transporting and monitoring the movement of goods from one country to another. We understand the global shipping process because global transportation logistics is what RTM does and has done well for decades.

  • Innovative Solutions for Complex Cargo.
  • Difficult Loads to Difficult Places
  • Special Conveyance for Project Cargo
  • Breakthrough thinking for Breakbulk Challenges

Our Advanced Industry knowledge of vessel rotations and routing, as well as local customs and international regulations, ensure your shipment is delivered and received at the destination with all necessary documentation. Our respected worldwide agency network, and years of experience handling virtually every type of ocean transportation situation. We understand that in order to utilize the global shipping process, you need a dependable, time-efficient and cost-effective international logistics company.  RTM Lines is that company.