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 RTM Lines specializes in global ocean transportation of heavy and over-dimensional project cargo, as well as the general break bulk, ro-ro and container cargo.



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At RTM Lines, we follow cargo safety guidelines to ensure that all cargo on the cargo ship will arrive safely. Our policies help to eliminate improper shipping of cargo that could be dangerous for ships, their crews, and other personnel.


Providing accurate measurements of your cargo can help RTM Lines determine the amount of stowage space needed to safely stow your cargo on board the vessel. At RTM Lines, we have a variety of shipping container dimensions available for your convenience.  


When shipping cargo with RTM Lines, providing as many details as possible, including commodity photos, all necessary documentation, measurements, and your anticipated transit timeline based on shipping schedules.


Incoterms® International Commerce Terminology (Incoterms) define the specific shipping responsibilities of both the buyer and the seller. Since 1936 the INCOTERMS created by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has been used to negotiate and define terms for international sales contracts.

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We are a highly skilled trans ocean logistics company that gather the required specifications to ensure a honest and reliable quote for world class service.

Sailing Schedule

RTM Lines sailing schedule is available for you to review and plan for your next shipping project. For more details and further options regarding our sailing schedule, our experienced ocean logistics team is available at [email protected].

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The logistics of your shipment are crucial to operations, and at RTM Lines we pride ourselves on providing the intel needed to maintain a quality business performance.

The Global Shipping Industry

Break bulk cargo is transported loose, in boxes, crates, drums, bags, and barrels. RTM Lines can provide a variety of transportation items to ensure that your break bulk cargo has arrived safely. We offer decades of ocean logistics experience that is operational ready, professional, and high standard logistics services.