“RTM Lines returns emails quickly and has good follow-up.  Sometimes I am amazed at how fast they reply to a quote request.  I also appreciate that I get an email and a personal telephone call to remind me that a quote may expire soon or to ask how they can help me with anything to increase our chances of winning the bid. That is good customer service.”

– Sales Executive at JAS Forwarding

“When I request a quote from Richard Tiebel, or the FCL pricing team at RTM Lines, it is extremely satisfying to get such a quick response from them.  I appreciate that speed, especially when I have cargo in hand and believe the project is attainable.”

– Cary M.

“When I asked RTM Lines for a quote to ship a 60,000 piece of construction machinery, they responded within only hours.  Then I asked if they could recommend an inland carrier to move this oversized to the port.  Again they responded quickly.  I told RTM that they are too good and that they were starting to scare me with their responsiveness and guidance.”

– Harry G. – President American Baggage and Box Transport

“I appreciate how quickly RTM Lines provides me with quotes or other information.  I know they will always get back to me in a timely manner.  RTM is a good value – they are not always the cheapest – but their service is something I can always rely upon.”

– Andy M. – DSV Global Transport and Logistics

“I sent Richard Tiebel at RTM Lines an urgent quote request.  His fast response to my initial request was, I believe, one of the reasons why I was able to secure this shipment with the customer.  Additionally, because of the fast turnaround, the equipment broker who arranged for the sale of the vehicle, that I asked RTM to ship, told me that they will be referring more business to me in the future.  I appreciated RTM’s help with this and reach out to the RTM team for quotes on all international ocean shipping opportunities.”

– Tate W. – Business Dev Director at Steam Logistics

“When my colleagues ask for a resource for ro-ro shipments, I tell them that RTM Lines is the “go to” for these shipments.”

– Joe P. – Global Pricing Supervisor at Worldwide Logistics

“I love RTM Lines and Richard Tiebel.  Richard and his team have helped me many times with shipments to places where I can find no service.  I also like that RTM handles foreign to foreign shipments, as we have gotten several inquiries from one of our major clients for those kinds of port pairs.”

– Judi C.

“When I ask RTM Lines for quotes for break bulk or ro-ro shipments, I also ask them to advise me on details like transit time, which they do.  I appreciate this advice.  I also like how RTM Lines emails to thank us for our support after they revert on a quote and calls to remind us about a quote before it expires.  I love working with them.”

– Carla H. – International Freight Consultant at SPEED Global Services