When my colleagues ask for a resource for ro-ro shipments, I tell them that RTM Lines is the “go to” for these shipments.

Joe P

The staff is amazing, very hands on and responsive. I would definitely recommend using them for your ocean shipping needs. Scot was a pro and his years of experience in the industry were clearly evident and a total comfort. Will be using RTM service

M. Green

I’ve been dealing with RTM Lines now for several years and have always had a pleasant experience. I find them very knowledgeable and diligent.

J. Parisi

I had the opportunity to speak with this company in length regarding the shipment of oil and gas equipment, and the logistics of over-sized transportation. I was incredibly impressed with their knowledge and unwavering commitment to safety. As a safety professional in oil and gas, we are always up against deadlines, needing everything done yesterday, and the coordination of each effort. RTM has proven that their long running successful (and safe) shipment history is not by chance. If you have it, they can ship it. Thanks you!

J. Hoopes

In reference to this unit, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you John and all at RTM Lines for a great job on the difficult loading of this unit for BNSF Logistics and going over and beyond in completing this very challenging move.   I have thanked you millions of times on the phone and we appreciate it.

Deborah F. - Operations Manager

We recently had an opportunity to work with this company on a large shipment of mining equipment to Africa. Weather delays caused road delays, which resulted in our cargo missing vessel cutoff. RTM suggested trucking to another port and was able to obtain space on an alternate vessel. Their quick thinking and knowledge concerning alternate ports of departure and discharge meant our cargo arrived on time and avoided penalty charges which saved us time and money. In addition they assisted our documentation team with navigating local regulations & charges for a smooth delivery.

P. Passaretti

I love RTM Lines. Their team have helped me many times with shipments to places where
I can find no service. I also like that RTM handles foreign to foreign shipments, as we
have gotten several inquiries from one of our major clients for those kinds of port pairs.

Judy C.