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Roll-On / Roll-Off Ocean Shipping to Dubai

What Is Ro-Ro Shipping?

Ro-ro, short for roll-on / roll-off or rolling stock cargo is defined as wheeled or tracked goods such as automobiles, cranes, trucks, trailers, multi-purpose vehicles, railroad cars, goods loaded on mafis and flat trucks, including OOG. Ro-ro cargo can, therefore, be conveyed onto the cargo ship using the ship’s ramps without the aid of a crane.

Ro-ro offers a safe and cost-effective way to transport oversized or special project cargo. Shipments often move as one piece using specialized trailers port to port. Ro-ro requires less physical handling with little or no need for costly dismantling and reassembling. Ro-ro cargo, based on size, is generally secured in the ship’s garage decks for the entire voyage so there is less exposure to water and the elements.


Examples of Ro-Ro Cargo:

  • Airport ground support equipment
    lifts | loaders | tugs
  • Agricultural equipment
    bailers | combines | pickers
  • Automotive
    ambulances | buses | cars | RVs
  • Construction equipment
    cranes | backhoes | dozers | loaders
  • Oil, gas & energy equipment
    drill rigs | pumps
  • Road building equipment
    excavation and extraction
  • Static cargo on Mafis
  • Trucks, tractors, trailers


Information Needed:

In order to provide you with the most accurate quote, please have the following information ready when you speak to a member of our pricing team.

  • Type of commodity
  • Make and model information
  • Measurements of cargo
  • Self-propelled, wheeled or tracked
  • Your documentation for starting and stopping the vehicle
  • Ground clearance
  • Port of loading and port of discharge
  • Whether you require RTM to handle the in-land transportation
  • Whether a tow bar is required