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International Ocean Shipping Logistics

The RTM Difference: You were notified a multi-million-dollar piece of over-sized equipment needs to be shipped across oceans and time zones, from its current location, halfway around the world. And of course, it needs to be there yesterday. Due to its size and complexity, your shipment will need special handling. And because of the nearly impossible deadline for delivery, your shipment will also require some innovative and unconventional routing. Who should you trust?

You could go with one of the big alliances, but you’re afraid of literally becoming a small fish in a big ocean. What you really want is big carrier expertise with in-house responsiveness. Someone you can count on to help you plan, prepare, provide options, execute your shipment, and work with you every step of the way. That is the RTM Difference.

The size and complexity of your ocean transport shipment may require special handling and shipping services. RTM strives to plan and execute your shipment to give you multiple options and create a positive and reliable trans-ocean transportation experience. The RTM Difference is demonstrated in our exceptional customer service and knowledge in ocean logistics. We are a customer oriented company that has developed a unique approach to international shipping logistics.

At RTM Lines our services include but are not limited to, ocean shipping, ocean transport, and a variety of other ocean logistics services. We ship multiple types of cargo such as break bulk, container, high & heavy, military, project cargo, and ro-ro. RTM Lines offers port to port shipping specializing in innovative solutions for complex cargo.

At RTM Lines, we offer reliable ocean transport across a worldwide network and provide responsive, knowledgeable customer service.


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