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Strategic Shipment Of Aerospace Industry Equipment

The shipment and international transportation of sensitive aerospace-related goods require specialized skill, experience, and expert ocean logistics. RTM Lines has an impressive track record in the development of gobal transportation strategies for civil and military aviation cargo both intact and in part/component form. We service the full aerospace supply chain from fleet, OEMs, subcontractors, and suppliers to collection and consumption points around the world.



Look To Us For:

  • Full logistical support
  • After market logistics – Spare parts and MRO
  • Manufacturing logistics




Aerospace Case Study:

Client: Helicopter Manufacturer

Challenge: The transportation of several helicopters directly to Uruguay, requiring the helicopters to fly into the terminal amidst tight security. The client also required that the designated landing area and its preparation sites not interfere with other daily terminal operations.

Solution: RTM choreographed the fly-in procedure between our client, the terminal and port security. Leveraging our experience at other ports with the same requirements, we arranged to land the helicopters directly onto MAFI trailers. By doing this we avoided the need to hire a crane to lift and place the helicopters on the MAFIs later, which posed a greater risk for damage. The process entailed staging MAFI trailers side-by-side to form a “landing pad.”

Results: We created a much less expensive solution for the client by arranging all the logistics for fly-in delivery as opposed to delivering by conventional road transport. The result – a very satisfied customer.